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my experiences with the board

Ok, i dont really remember much because this was over the course of a couple of months but i'll try my best.

The first time me and my friend brittany did the board [and stuff actually happened], we lit a white candle and sat in her room in the dark. Nothing really happened at first. We talked with this little girl that we THINK was from Germany and then an entity named 5 started to speak with us. It was ok and everything, then all of a sudden the board spelled out Help. We asked, "why do you need help?" and it said Pain. Then we asked "who is it trying to hurt" and it said Us.
So of couse we told it goodbye and put the board away lol.

We googled talking boards and lists of demons and we came to this forum that was talking about their experiences . We read about this one person who came in contact with a spirit called Z.A.Z and he said that he became really possessive and pretty much things just went downhill for him after that. We didn't think anything of it.

Next time we played the board is kind of fuzzy to me.
But, We asked if there was anybody that wanted to talk with us and it said yes. We asked what its name was and it said Z.A.Z. [And by the way, usually when we would play it, it would creep across the board. This time it was very strong and it felt like somebody was pulling it from a corner of the planchette].

We played it a few times after that and they all just kind of blend together so i'll just state what we found out.
We found out that 5 is a little girl that lived in Brittanys house and she had alot of brothers and sisters. Z.A.Z is 5's father and he was [is] sexist so he hung all the girls in his family, including his wife in brittanys parents room. [I dont really know how thats possible because the guy on the forum didn't live in florida, and he talked to Z.A.Z]

So, being that he already didn't like us because we're girls, Brittany being a smart ass just had to call it a co*ksucker and said that hes to much of a pus*y to do anything, she pissed it off. When she said that, a sound of water falling came from her closet. I honestly thought it was one of her pets peeing in the corner, but we looked and didn't see anything.

Another occurance that happened was when we were playing in her brothers room, 5 and Z.A.Z were fighting over the board. We asked if it had anything to tell us and it went to "get out now" and we said "so you want us to stop playing the board?" and glided over to yes, but before it went over it, it switched quickly to no. Then we asked "so you, DONT want us to leave?' and it said "Stop playing now" then went to "no dont". We got freaked out and quit playing lol.

Us playing this was over a period of months and weird things around her house started happening. Glasses dropped, stuff turned up missing, we had a weird feeling that things were following us[i even felt like that when i went home]. We just had a feeling that we were never alone.

When Brittanys sister came into town we played with her [ugh, stupid move to keep playing it] She quickly became obsessed lol. On incident was when we were playing it in britts parents room while britt was in the garage. We asked it where britt was at and it said in the garage. We asked it was she was listening to and it said ICP then we asked her adress and it gave the correct one [keep in mind that neither of us knew her address]. We asked where her brother was and it said in jail [which we thought he was at the time, but it turns out they released him and he was at the zoo]. We asked it britts sisters birthday and the answer it gave us was right, we asked who slept in the room we were in and it gave both her parents names [and actually spelled her moms name right] Then we asked it, who kept hitting the bed when we were doing the board in britts room and it said "y u care". I got freaked out and just pointed out that i was curious and she said it was Z.A.Z.

We played in britts cat room and nothing really happened on the board but the bed we were on kept sinking and rising. And it felt like something was punching the matress from underneath it.

Eventually things started to get really creepy. Noises and thumps started happening, and the feeling of being followed was worse. So we asked the board if it was mad at anybody and it said "B.M.H" which are Britts initials. We asked what we could do to stop Z.A.Z from bothering us and it said something about stop messing with him. then we asked how we do that  and it said "stop playing"
So we did...for a while.

A couple of weeks ago we played and everything went good. Until 5 showed up. She said she had something VERY important to tell us, and we asked her what it was and she said "i 4get" We asked her if somebody was keeping her from answering and she didn't say anything. Then out of no where the board spelled Z.A.Z so we told it goodbye and put it away.

Sorry if this is all sorts of scattered, my memories not that great and what ever i remembered at the time i typed it.
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Keep in mind that spirits will lie and can read your mind. If it says it was Z-A-Z its probably because you were thinking about it in the back of your mind and they get off by playing ouija with us so they will say anything to stay on the board. Also, two entities may have been fighting over control of the planchette when it way saying get off then another one was saying no. I wouldn't worry about being haunted by it, they can't do anything in my experience.