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New to this community and looking for some help.

Hi my name is Samantha and I am 19 from Milwaukee, Wi. I have been using Ouija boards for about 6 years now. Recently at an estate sale me and my friend found a very differnt board. I have never seen one like this before. We have been looking up information about this board for weeks now and we have found nothing. All we know is that it is most likely Satanic. I have pictures of it but they were taken with my web cam which doesn't take good pictures at all. But the pictures seem to have dark faces in them. I will describe the board

This is a 2 sided board. It is about 18 inches tall and 24 inches long. It is about 1/4 inch thick and pretty sturdy wood but I don't recognize the wood. The work into this board seems to be something of a craft, it is very nicely done. On the first side of the board it has your basic Ouija board letters and words. There is an upside down pentagram in the upper middle portion of the board with the words Invoke above it and Banish below it. Each point of the board is a different color. There is Red, blue, yellow, white and green. I think those represent all the elements. The middle is the plain wood.

The letters are not all Left to Right though. This is how the letters are on the board (also kinda how the board looks:

0 1 2 3 4 (PEN.)5 6 7 8 9

(The dots represent nothing I just put them there so the words on my diagram would stay in place on here.)

On the parts of the board where A-I are and where L-R are there are 2 handprints. I can't tell how they got there at all or what they are used for. They are so well defined that you can tell it was a real handprint. There are burn marks on each of the finger prints. there is a nice black boarder around the main things on the board also.

The other side of the board kinda looks like this (this is just an example becuase I have never seen anything like this before).


(The dots represent nothing. I only put them there so that the basic form of my diagram would stay in its position.)

The lines represent words that go in a clockwise direction starting from the top left corner. It says: "(top)I break the door of hell and smash its bolts~ (right)I summon and return the (bottom)dead to the evil dream of existence ~ Beware (left) the dead and hail them" Next to the word them there is a symbol that seperates the end of the saying from the beginning of the saying. The symbol seems to be 4 little squares making a full square, but the square is standing on one of its points.

Each S represents a symbol on the board. I don't know how to describe these symbols. But I have pictures also. When I looked at the pictures I took of this side of the board I looked at them in order of how I took them which was clockwise and as I got to the words "evil dream of existence" The pictures seemed to get very dark and hazy and there is a basic definition of at least one face. There is possible more then one face in some of the pictures.

Has anyone ever seen a board like this one or anything like it? I am willing to send pictures, and I am also going to borrow a digital camera and take better pictures. You can email me or IM me on aim or yahoo.

Thank you,

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