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Wild Night

Hello everyone. I'm knew to this group. I'm going to tell you about my experience last night. Last night was a lot of fun, but kind of creepy also. We had a few people over to the apartment, Amanda my roommate, Daniel her brother, one of Amanda's professors from folk studies, five other people, and myself. We started out playing loaded questions. After that, we pulled out the Tarot cards. We had two different people doing readings. After that, we pulled out the Ouija board. Things started to get interesting around midnight. There were only five people left, and only four of us were using the Ouija Board. The first weird thing that it did was after we had been on it for a while I decided to ask if it had ever been alive, and it answered yes. I should tell you that from the beginning I kept asking it if it had anything it wanted to tell us, and it didn't move. Usually it will spell out a message for us, but I'll get to that part in a minute. So, it said that yes, it had been alive, and then we asked if he was happy and it answered yes. I ask how old it is, and I can't remember what it said, but it was old. We ask its name it spells out L.E.T.E. So, I ask if it is a male and he said yes. We asked when he died, and he went to We had never had one that died so recently. Usually they died in the 1930's or somewhere around that. Now we get to the part where I kept asking it if it had anything it wanted to say to us. It just starts spelling out things without us asking questions. We were still asking questions, but when we would pause, it would start moving. So, after we ask it when it died it paused for a second and then went to D.5. No one knew what D5 stood for so we asked it what D5 meant, and it just went back to D.5. Then someone put it together. He was a victim of the September 11. For some reason he was telling us how he died without us asking. I was told last night that D5 and such was the way they numbered their floors. He told us that he was a stockbroker. That he lived in NYC. In addition, to a few other things. Well that part was weird. I asked it if it wanted to tell us anything. This is where it gets interesting. It spelled out E.T.H.A.N. None of us playing knew an Ethan, but all of a sudden, Fallon the one not playing said she knew an Ethan, and it started spelling words out to her. Some times we would ask other times, it did it on its own. She was pretty freaked. Amanda can sense ghost. She can hear them, feel them, and as of last night, we found out that she can see them. Amanda kept telling us that she felt one, and then one whispered in her ear change. I don't remember what the question was but when it got to the A in change. She started saying please don't spell it Please don't spell it. I guess you know what it ended up spelling out change. Then both Amanda and Rob saw a teenage boy in our apartment at the same time. They both looked at each other and said at the same time did you see him. So, Rob did a test that both Mike and I were clueless about. He pointed a Zippo at it, and flicked it five times and every time it lit up. Rob turned around to Amanda and said did you see that, and she said yeah. Mike and I were like what, and they told us that a lighter never lights each time 5 times in a row. So, Mike grabbed the Zippo, and tested this theory. I don't know if he pointed away first or pointed at it, but when he pointed a way, it took more than 5 tries to get it to light 5 times. When he pointed it at the boy it lit 5 times in a row. When Mike asked did some, and Amanda finished it with one just walk by you. She said yes. He had felt something. Well I'm clueless. I don't see anything, and without thinking, I said one of the things you do not say while playing the Ouija board. I wasn't even talking to the Ouija board, but I was touching it. I said something along the lines of touch me on my shoulder if your here. Therefore, I was pretty much inviting the spirit out of the board, and I was like "shit" right after the words came out of my mouth. We stopped then. Amanda felt something evil or not good in the room so she started saying whatever a priest says to get it out. Rob was in the other room, and he said that it was running to get in the other room so that what she said didn't affect it. Because with her saying it in one room, and it being in another room it doesn't affect it. Well it got in the other room, but not without it losing some of its strength. I know you’re probably tired of reading so I'll stop with that.

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