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How to Perform a Konxari Reading! 
06:10pm 10/06/2009
  Wanna contact the dead?

No, seriously. I've just produced a new video that shows how to use Konxari Cards to communicate with those on the other side. This may sound complicated, but this user-friendly video will show you all you need to know in less than 5 minutes!

The video below will have you solving your poltergeist problems in no time flat. Whether you're eager to ghost hunt, or contact a loved one long-gone, here you'll learn the simple steps to utilize the Konxari, quick and easy.

For more information, or where to order your own deck of Konxari Cards, visit www.konxari.com!
New Paranormal Community 
06:05pm 12/11/2008
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Hello, this is badblood, the forum founder. I have started a new forum called http://www.paranormalforum.info I tried to make a ouija forum but was not allowed by parker brothers. I do need to make a witchboard section but I am not sure what to call it however there is a channeling discussion area in ghosts and spirits. I haven't been able to get posts yet on it so any discussion is appreciated :) Hopefully it will become large in the future as I have submitted it to some search engines and done SEO on it.
my experiences with the board 
11:00am 13/09/2008
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Ok, i dont really remember much because this was over the course of a couple of months but i'll try my best.

The first time me and my friend brittany did the board [and stuff actually happened], we lit a white candle and sat in her room in the dark. Nothing really happened at first. We talked with this little girl that we THINK was from Germany and then an entity named 5 started to speak with us. It was ok and everything, then all of a sudden the board spelled out Help. We asked, "why do you need help?" and it said Pain. Then we asked "who is it trying to hurt" and it said Us.
So of couse we told it goodbye and put the board away lol.

We googled talking boards and lists of demons and we came to this forum that was talking about their experiences . We read about this one person who came in contact with a spirit called Z.A.Z and he said that he became really possessive and pretty much things just went downhill for him after that. We didn't think anything of it.

Next time we played the board is kind of fuzzy to me.
But, We asked if there was anybody that wanted to talk with us and it said yes. We asked what its name was and it said Z.A.Z. [And by the way, usually when we would play it, it would creep across the board. This time it was very strong and it felt like somebody was pulling it from a corner of the planchette].

We played it a few times after that and they all just kind of blend together so i'll just state what we found out.
We found out that 5 is a little girl that lived in Brittanys house and she had alot of brothers and sisters. Z.A.Z is 5's father and he was [is] sexist so he hung all the girls in his family, including his wife in brittanys parents room. [I dont really know how thats possible because the guy on the forum didn't live in florida, and he talked to Z.A.Z]

So, being that he already didn't like us because we're girls, Brittany being a smart ass just had to call it a co*ksucker and said that hes to much of a pus*y to do anything, she pissed it off. When she said that, a sound of water falling came from her closet. I honestly thought it was one of her pets peeing in the corner, but we looked and didn't see anything.

Another occurance that happened was when we were playing in her brothers room, 5 and Z.A.Z were fighting over the board. We asked if it had anything to tell us and it went to "get out now" and we said "so you want us to stop playing the board?" and glided over to yes, but before it went over it, it switched quickly to no. Then we asked "so you, DONT want us to leave?' and it said "Stop playing now" then went to "no dont". We got freaked out and quit playing lol.

Us playing this was over a period of months and weird things around her house started happening. Glasses dropped, stuff turned up missing, we had a weird feeling that things were following us[i even felt like that when i went home]. We just had a feeling that we were never alone.

When Brittanys sister came into town we played with her [ugh, stupid move to keep playing it] She quickly became obsessed lol. On incident was when we were playing it in britts parents room while britt was in the garage. We asked it where britt was at and it said in the garage. We asked it was she was listening to and it said ICP then we asked her adress and it gave the correct one [keep in mind that neither of us knew her address]. We asked where her brother was and it said in jail [which we thought he was at the time, but it turns out they released him and he was at the zoo]. We asked it britts sisters birthday and the answer it gave us was right, we asked who slept in the room we were in and it gave both her parents names [and actually spelled her moms name right] Then we asked it, who kept hitting the bed when we were doing the board in britts room and it said "y u care". I got freaked out and just pointed out that i was curious and she said it was Z.A.Z.

We played in britts cat room and nothing really happened on the board but the bed we were on kept sinking and rising. And it felt like something was punching the matress from underneath it.

Eventually things started to get really creepy. Noises and thumps started happening, and the feeling of being followed was worse. So we asked the board if it was mad at anybody and it said "B.M.H" which are Britts initials. We asked what we could do to stop Z.A.Z from bothering us and it said something about stop messing with him. then we asked how we do that  and it said "stop playing"
So we did...for a while.

A couple of weeks ago we played and everything went good. Until 5 showed up. She said she had something VERY important to tell us, and we asked her what it was and she said "i 4get" We asked her if somebody was keeping her from answering and she didn't say anything. Then out of no where the board spelled Z.A.Z so we told it goodbye and put it away.

Sorry if this is all sorts of scattered, my memories not that great and what ever i remembered at the time i typed it.
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11:27pm 12/06/2006
  I've added more written content to the talkingboard section of Carnivalia and thought I ought to post a link to those articles.

Just click the image above to visit.

I'm particularly proud with my article titled 'Talking Boards For Modern Magick, Rituals and Sigils.

Hope you'll find something there of interest.
Got Ghosts? 
06:32pm 11/12/2005
  Just thought i would share this with you. I watched ghosthunters a couple months back or so the finale. This Was Fawking Scary....gave me the chills...I am sure most of you seen it....maybe but for some who didn't here it is GhostHunters And go to the EXCLUSIVE CASE FILE !!!! Check it out!!  
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Royal Derwent - Ghost Photo 
02:13am 23/10/2005
  Hello to all. For those who may or may not already know, I am researching The Royal Derwent / Willow Court complex - an old, abandoned mental asylum in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia. Over the next 12 - 18 months, I hope to make an independent documentary.

I just wanted to share a photo from our most recent trip. It was taken through a broken window looking into one of the wards. The camera I used was a Cannon EOS 300, a 400 speed film and the flash was used.

Have a look at the glass panel, second from the left. I have also included a close up of the "face".

Pitures are under the cutCollapse )

If you would like to know more about the project and don't already have me on your friends list, please visit royalderwent

I also have a website - http://www.royalderwent.biz

06:18am 18/10/2005
  The Royal Derwent, or "Willow Court" was the oldest mental institution in Australia before it's closure in the late 90's. Situated in New Norfolk, Tasmania, the majority of the building lies abandoned, pending future redevelopment.

But my interest is in the urban legends and myths of hauntings. Through studying the history of the site and gathering these stories, I am hoping to make an independent documentary over the next 12 to 18 months.

If you have heard stories of the site, enjoy history or just love stories of strange occurrences and hauntings, please friend my journal as I document my journey...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


* x-posted in several communities over a period of time *
03:27pm 24/09/2005

I started a new group that is occult related, all are welcome:

Carnivalia's 'Elven Star Spiritboard' 
11:21am 14/08/2005


Introducing the latest talkingboard from Carnivalia, the 'Elven Star.'

Following the popularity of our 'Victorian' design, we are offering this as another alternative for that classic, antique look that so many collectors and avid mediums look for. As with all our divination tools, this was board was crafted by hand at our studio, and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

For this item and more, visit our website, http://www.carnivalia.com

New to this community and looking for some help. 
02:47am 07/08/2005
  Hi my name is Samantha and I am 19 from Milwaukee, Wi. I have been using Ouija boards for about 6 years now. Recently at an estate sale me and my friend found a very differnt board. I have never seen one like this before. We have been looking up information about this board for weeks now and we have found nothing. All we know is that it is most likely Satanic. I have pictures of it but they were taken with my web cam which doesn't take good pictures at all. But the pictures seem to have dark faces in them. I will describe the board

This is a 2 sided board. It is about 18 inches tall and 24 inches long. It is about 1/4 inch thick and pretty sturdy wood but I don't recognize the wood. The work into this board seems to be something of a craft, it is very nicely done. On the first side of the board it has your basic Ouija board letters and words. There is an upside down pentagram in the upper middle portion of the board with the words Invoke above it and Banish below it. Each point of the board is a different color. There is Red, blue, yellow, white and green. I think those represent all the elements. The middle is the plain wood.

The letters are not all Left to Right though. This is how the letters are on the board (also kinda how the board looks:

0 1 2 3 4 (PEN.)5 6 7 8 9

(The dots represent nothing I just put them there so the words on my diagram would stay in place on here.)

On the parts of the board where A-I are and where L-R are there are 2 handprints. I can't tell how they got there at all or what they are used for. They are so well defined that you can tell it was a real handprint. There are burn marks on each of the finger prints. there is a nice black boarder around the main things on the board also.

The other side of the board kinda looks like this (this is just an example becuase I have never seen anything like this before).


(The dots represent nothing. I only put them there so that the basic form of my diagram would stay in its position.)

The lines represent words that go in a clockwise direction starting from the top left corner. It says: "(top)I break the door of hell and smash its bolts~ (right)I summon and return the (bottom)dead to the evil dream of existence ~ Beware (left) the dead and hail them" Next to the word them there is a symbol that seperates the end of the saying from the beginning of the saying. The symbol seems to be 4 little squares making a full square, but the square is standing on one of its points.

Each S represents a symbol on the board. I don't know how to describe these symbols. But I have pictures also. When I looked at the pictures I took of this side of the board I looked at them in order of how I took them which was clockwise and as I got to the words "evil dream of existence" The pictures seemed to get very dark and hazy and there is a basic definition of at least one face. There is possible more then one face in some of the pictures.

Has anyone ever seen a board like this one or anything like it? I am willing to send pictures, and I am also going to borrow a digital camera and take better pictures. You can email me or IM me on aim or yahoo.

Thank you,

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02:35pm 12/06/2005

My latest talkingboard  is now up on auction at E-bay, where bidders have the opportunity to purchase the first of its kind, with a certificate guaranteeing that it is number one. Notice the design of the planchette on this one, a new technique that offers far more creativity than my earlier designs. The board was designed by Daniel Edmunds, aka  nullzeit, whereas I crafted it and designed the corresponding planchette. For those of you unable to bid on number one, you can purchase successive witchboards of the same design at Carnivalia.

            Click above to visit the auction!                       Click above to visit Carnivalia's store!

I enjoy getting feedback from persons who use these boards, as well as from folk who simply admire their designs, so tell me what you think and feel free to add me to your friends list.

05:31pm 22/05/2005
   I'm auctioning the first of my latest witchboard design, titled 'Sabbatic Baphomet.' Although there is a reserve, the bidding begins at a penny. This is a seven day auction, ending next Sunday.

I've always been a big Baphomet fan. I would like to do some other images of him, since his iconography is diverse, but for this project I utilized the (in)famous Eliphas Levi image, since that is the most recognizable.

I'm also glad to have produced a vertical design. I think folks stay away from portrait designs thinking that they will be harder to use, but even at a generous nineteen inches in height its no effort. This design adds some uniqueness to displayed collections.

The obelisks on either side stand for the pillars of Tubal Cain, which have magickal significance in several occult traditions.

Hope you all like it,
Wild Night 
01:04pm 17/04/2005
  Hello everyone. I'm knew to this group. I'm going to tell you about my experience last night. Last night was a lot of fun, but kind of creepy also. We had a few people over to the apartment, Amanda my roommate, Daniel her brother, one of Amanda's professors from folk studies, five other people, and myself. We started out playing loaded questions. After that, we pulled out the Tarot cards. We had two different people doing readings. After that, we pulled out the Ouija board. Things started to get interesting around midnight. There were only five people left, and only four of us were using the Ouija Board. The first weird thing that it did was after we had been on it for a while I decided to ask if it had ever been alive, and it answered yes. I should tell you that from the beginning I kept asking it if it had anything it wanted to tell us, and it didn't move. Usually it will spell out a message for us, but I'll get to that part in a minute. So, it said that yes, it had been alive, and then we asked if he was happy and it answered yes. I ask how old it is, and I can't remember what it said, but it was old. We ask its name it spells out L.E.T.E. So, I ask if it is a male and he said yes. We asked when he died, and he went to We had never had one that died so recently. Usually they died in the 1930's or somewhere around that. Now we get to the part where I kept asking it if it had anything it wanted to say to us. It just starts spelling out things without us asking questions. We were still asking questions, but when we would pause, it would start moving. So, after we ask it when it died it paused for a second and then went to D.5. No one knew what D5 stood for so we asked it what D5 meant, and it just went back to D.5. Then someone put it together. He was a victim of the September 11. For some reason he was telling us how he died without us asking. I was told last night that D5 and such was the way they numbered their floors. He told us that he was a stockbroker. That he lived in NYC. In addition, to a few other things. Well that part was weird. I asked it if it wanted to tell us anything. This is where it gets interesting. It spelled out E.T.H.A.N. None of us playing knew an Ethan, but all of a sudden, Fallon the one not playing said she knew an Ethan, and it started spelling words out to her. Some times we would ask other times, it did it on its own. She was pretty freaked. Amanda can sense ghost. She can hear them, feel them, and as of last night, we found out that she can see them. Amanda kept telling us that she felt one, and then one whispered in her ear change. I don't remember what the question was but when it got to the A in change. She started saying please don't spell it Please don't spell it. I guess you know what it ended up spelling out change. Then both Amanda and Rob saw a teenage boy in our apartment at the same time. They both looked at each other and said at the same time did you see him. So, Rob did a test that both Mike and I were clueless about. He pointed a Zippo at it, and flicked it five times and every time it lit up. Rob turned around to Amanda and said did you see that, and she said yeah. Mike and I were like what, and they told us that a lighter never lights each time 5 times in a row. So, Mike grabbed the Zippo, and tested this theory. I don't know if he pointed away first or pointed at it, but when he pointed a way, it took more than 5 tries to get it to light 5 times. When he pointed it at the boy it lit 5 times in a row. When Mike asked did some, and Amanda finished it with one just walk by you. She said yes. He had felt something. Well I'm clueless. I don't see anything, and without thinking, I said one of the things you do not say while playing the Ouija board. I wasn't even talking to the Ouija board, but I was touching it. I said something along the lines of touch me on my shoulder if your here. Therefore, I was pretty much inviting the spirit out of the board, and I was like "shit" right after the words came out of my mouth. We stopped then. Amanda felt something evil or not good in the room so she started saying whatever a priest says to get it out. Rob was in the other room, and he said that it was running to get in the other room so that what she said didn't affect it. Because with her saying it in one room, and it being in another room it doesn't affect it. Well it got in the other room, but not without it losing some of its strength. I know you’re probably tired of reading so I'll stop with that.

02:40pm 20/03/2005
  I have two new Witch-boards. The first, 'Witch Eye,' also serves as the logo for the magazine of the same name (issue ten is out now at http://www.feritradition.org/witcheye/index2.html). It's much more colorful and fun than my more gothy ones.

Also there is 'Serenity.' I so plan to hang one on my wall as soon as I have enough backstock.

There also are pendulum-boards in similar styles at http://www.carnivalia.com.
11:11pm 09/01/2005
  The Witch-Boards I've been fussing about for a while now are finally done. Hope you all like them.
    Case and planchette
  'Lord of the Underworld'
  'Beyond The Veil'
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please help 
08:27pm 22/12/2004
  my dad passed away almost 5 years ago. he was a great person and a very loving father. my house and the property where i live is full of things that he did, (re-doing rooms and major work on house, etc, things he did) and i feel as if there is too much "goodnesss" in my house for my oujia board to work, or at least it never works in my house, whether i am alone or with people. it is possible that this is the case, that my dad is trying to protect me from spirits (evil) or at least not allowing me to connect with any spirits bc ive never really had the board work for me, except for some fast figure eights....  
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Total Advert... 
01:39pm 04/12/2004
  ...Hope you guys don't mind! I just started a community for Professional Psychics. Come check it out if you're, well, a professional psychic!


(soon to be x-posted everywhere!)
06:05am 25/11/2004
  Hey all...

Hope this is allowed (since it may be of interest to some of you). If not, I apologize in advance to the mod!

Anyway, I have a vintage (and very "well working"...) Ouija board for sale on Ebay, so thought I'd pass on the link:

psychic and tarot magical moments! ohmeohmy! 
11:42am 26/10/2004
  Hmmm what's the most magical experience you've ever had? Seen or experienced first hand?

I swear when I was younger - like a wee baby I could float.

I also once years ago read someone and literally in the middle of my table for no reason it started to smoke and my cards started to burn. I used my cards then so much, I think it was their way of saying they needed to say goodbye and live a life in spirit form and not card.
11:12am 20/10/2004

I am currently in the middle of forming a magazine which deals with all aspects of the supernatural! I will be dealing with psychics, mediums, ghosts, wicca and so forth!
I will be needing some volunteers to help me out with the first issue.
If you have had an experience with anything supernatural or you are a practising psychic/ medium/witch etc then please do get in touch with me!
I am looking for either stories and people who would like to take part in an interview. The options for an interview are:
* Email
* Mail
* Chat ( via Yahoo! or MSN )

I will take your story and ask for you to either sign a release form so I have permission to print the story or interview or you can write me an email or letter of confirmation that you say that the interview/story can be printed!

Thank you for your time and thanks for reading this. To get in touch please email me at: livingdeadgurl34@hotmail.com